Enchanted Mushroom Farm

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The Mushroom Witch or Wizard


Enchanted Grove Farm

Echo's Forest Farm Rework

Secret Garden Farm

Meandering Farm

Expansions, NPCs and Extras



Romanceable Rasmodia - Female Wizard

Romanceable Rasmodius

Sable - New Custom NPC

Wilford - New Custom NPC

Witch NPC

Alecto the Witch (new NPC)

Stardew Valley Armaments

IYAHO's Mine Meteor CRC Mode

Mycol the Mushroom Friendo

Stardew Valley Armaments


Mushroom Farmhouse

Mushroom Mailboxes

Mushroom Slime Hutch for Alternative Textures (AT)

AT - Obeliks witch

IdaIda's Seasonal Gothic Buildings (for CP and AT)

Enchanted Garden Buildings

More Enchanted Garden Buildings

RoseDryad's Fairydew Buildings for Alternative Textures

(CP) RoseDryad's Fairydew Buildings

SDV Fairydew Valley


[JA/PFM] Potion

Craftable Mushroom Boxes

Organic Lamps

Witchy decorations (Json assets)


(DGA) RoseDryad's Fairydew Decorations

StarAmy's Wild Greenhouse Furniture for DGA

Wooly Plushies for Alternative Textures

Fairy Garden Decorations for CF

IdaIda's Furniture Recolor (for AT)

Divine Decor


Wanderer's Mushroom Hat

FS RoseDryad's Fairy Wings And Accessories

FS SH's More Accessories and Stuff

FS - Backpacks and Baubles

FS - Traveller's Attire

FS Who's Style Cloak

Crops, Trees, Forage and Drinks

Pacific Northwest Mushrooms

Mushroom Suite

Fallen London Mushroom Wines

Magic Tree Roots (Json Assets)

PPJA - Fruits and Veggies

Aquilegia's Sweet Tooth (mushroom cupcake)


Mushroom Rancher In Slime Hutch

BFAV Cute Mushroom Gnomes


Witch's Broom

Horse to Broomstick

Broomstick Horse - Nimbus 2000


Junimo Faeries

RoseDryad's Mushroom Flower Grass for More Grass

Mushroom Paths

Brianalana's Trees

Turn Sprinklers Into Mushrooms

AT Rainbow Mushroom Trees

Fairy Mushroom Tree

Ran's Prettier Witch

Little Witch (CP)

(CP) RoseDryad's Plant Sprinklers

(CP) RoseDryad's Fairydew Craftables

Enchanted Garden Craftables

IdaIda's Seasonal Flooring and Paths (for CP and AT)

Some Scarecrow Replacement

AT - Mystical Mini-Obelisks

[CP] Forest Mines Retek

SDV Fairydew Valley

Floral Tappers


Blue Grass Recolor

DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour

Pastel Valley - A Map Recolor

Flower Valley


Mushroom Cursors

Overgrown Flowery Interface

Starry Night Interface