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What Are Commissions?[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Sometimes, when making a mod, you realize that you sure can code, but art is one step too far. Or maybe art and writing is your jam, but you struggle with the code. One option in these circumstances is commissioning someone else to do these things.

Etiquette[edit | edit source | hide]

Generally, people who do commissions will have a website they organize them through. Sometimes, they just discuss in DMs on Discord. Often people will have a queue, and may or may not close their commissions (comms) while they work through the queue.

Who Does Commissions?[edit | edit source | hide]

This list is not comprehensive, it's just a list of people who I've seen around who do commissions or who have added themselves here. If you do commissions, feel free to add yourself here (it's in alphabetical order by name, separated by type of commission).

Art[edit | edit source | hide]



Asterisk555 /ᐠ ̥ ̮ ̥ ᐟ\ฅ (Discord Asterisk#0250) : A bit of an all rounder, I do any kind of art really. I've made art for a lot of Mods on Nexus. Pixel art portraits are usually the most popular commission, and I've done some animated ones too. For examples you can see my Kofi gallery. I've also done some mapping in tiled, and dialogue mods.

Dots: or dots#1902 on Discord - I do sprites (no portraits), especially of buildings, and maps!



Kami (Discord Kami#5200): My prices and a few examples of my work are available on my Artistree under Stardew Valley Portraits!

LadyShardust (Discord=LadyShardust#2156): I am the creator of the Animated Hairstyles mod on Nexus, so I offer commissions for personalized custom hairstyles (unique to you), for your original Stardew NPC, or for the SDV Farmer via Content Patcher/ Fashion Sense, or I can animate one you provide (that you own and/or have permission to use!) through my Kofi page.

Max (skellady):

Noe/Tiriel (previously known as Ruska): or noe#8583 on Discord



Yri (Houses, Interior, Decoration): or Discord: Yri#1643

Code[edit | edit source | hide]

Esca: (currently on hiatus afaik)

Harvz: XxHarvzBackxX#3665 on Discord (on hiatus afaik)