Modders Lore and Locations

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One of the way of making the game more rich and deep is to mentions names, places and lore.

With a lot of mods being around, there's opportunity for modders to share their creations so other mods can reference them.

Vanilla Locations:[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Caption text
Name Details (Vanilla) Link to mods adding details to it
Castle Village To Add
Basket Town To Add
Pine Mesa City To Add
Point Drake To Add
Minister Valley To Add
Grampleton A city full of life, with a bookstore Elliott visits on his author's tour To Add
Zuzu City A big city, having the Tunnelers Gridball team To Add
Prairie Island Abundand population of Racoons To Add
Bluemire Hills According to Pr. Jasper, Goblins come from the forests beyond the Bluemire Hills To Add

Locations Created by Mods :[edit | edit source | hide]

Public Information

🔵 = It's a public place or a place that people have a chance to hear about

❌ = It's a secret place, or something a character needs a good reason to discuss or mention


Does the area actually exists in a mod, or is just mentioned

Caption text
Name Public information Visitable Details Mod
Ridgeside Village 🔵 Yes A village located at the ridges of the west mountains of Stardew Valley. Link to mod
Mount Vapius 🔵 No A small hamlet in a mineral-rich mountain Planned by Lumisteria