Desert farm recommendations

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Life in the desert.


Cozy Desert Farm


Walk to the Desert - Redux

Khadija's Recipe Shop

Dino in the museum

Ferngill Tourists

Looking For Love

Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension

Mineral Mage


Egyptian Obelisks

Guardian Pylons

Elle's Seasonal Buildings

(CP) Hippy Trailer Home


Animated Mini-Obelisk

Realistic Looms

PFM Jewelcraft

More Gem Craft

Crystalarium Adjust for More Gem & Vanilla Mineral

Furniture & Decor

Lumisteria DGA Furnitures

Gervig91's Furniture

IdaIda's Furniture Recolor (for AT)

Natural Terrarium Project - Succulent Compatibility

Natural Terrarium Project - Beetle World Compatibility

Mirrored Serpent Statues

Crops, Trees and Drinks

Neo's Succulent Farm

Succulents For Json Assets

Beetle World

Coconut Addon

Green Coconut Tree Sapling

(SOJA) Ancient Crops

Drink More Water

Bonster Crops

Bonster Recipes

PPJA - Fruits and Veggies

PPJA - More Trees


Indian Animal Pack

Donkeys BFAV

Camels by DRIJUICE

BFAV Snakes

BFAV Geckos

BFAV Fennec Foxes


Horse Plus

Horse to Llama Retexture

Elle's Old Horses


More Gem

More Gem Geode

Tappable Palm Trees

Cacti Hurt You

Grass Growth

Survivalistic - Hunger and Thirst

Animals Need Water

Rain Refills Watering Can

Tree Spread

Mineral Duggy Farm Cave

Lumisteria's Artifact Field

Panning Upgrades

Better Panning

Visible Panning Spots

Coin Collector & Metal Detector

Lumisteria Treasures For Metal Detector

Museum Store


Diverse Stardew Valley

Adventurer's Paper Map

Hippie Desert Trader

Museum Artifacts Reimagined

Elle's New Barn Animals

Animated Gemstones

Animated More Gem

Bonster's Crops and Recipes Retexture

Fennec Fox RETEXTURE - Match Elle's Animal Reskins


Janas hijabs and turbans

FS - Traveller's Attire

FS - Backpacks and Baubles