Bunny farm recommendations

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List of mods for those who want to become true easter bunnies!




Tiny Garden Farm

Secret Garden Farm

Hippo's Floral Foothill Farm

Overgrown Forest Farm

Bunny Life

Yet Another Jump Mod

Pacifist Valley

Pagan Bunny Farm Cave

Egg Festival Winner Randomized

Can I Offer You A Nice Egg In This Trying Time

Strawberry Seeds From Pierre

Strawberry Clumps

Cosmetic Rings


SugarBlast Sweets

Secret Candy

Fairy Bakery

Crops, Trees, Forage and Food

Carrot SummerCrop

Cage Free Eggs

Cocoa Plant and Chocolate Cooking (JA)


Haunted Chocolatier

Strawberry Milk (Json Assets)

StrawBerry Blossom

Strawberry Pink Cake

Aquilegia's Sweet Tooth

SH's Festive Valley

Bunny Buildings

Wonderland Buildings

Cinnamoroll Bin


Molang Shop

Craftable Terrarium


Decorative Eggs

(AT) Brighterbats Cute Furniture Set

Cute Bunny Stall

Pride Giant Tamagotchi Egg TVs

Sweet Lolita Furniture

AT - Barfyscorpion Furniture

Barfyscorpion Matching Farmhouse

Shardust's Pastel Furniture for Alternative Textures

Gervig91's Furniture

Flower Power Furniture

Decorative Clutter for Alternative Textures (AT)

Animal Statues

(DGA) RoseDryad's Cute Animal Flower Decorations

Become Bunny

(FS) SH's Animals and Mythological Creatures Stuff

Ragnarok Online Hats

Json Assets - Kawaii Hats

Bunny Slippers

Rabbit Slippers

[JA] Rabbit Hats


Easter Bunnies

Mounts and Pets

Rabbit Mount

Pet Rabbit

Replace Cat Sound With Rabbit Sound

Rabbit as RO Lunatic Pet

Chonky Bunny

Bunny Aesthetic

Sebi Pet Replacer

Sweet Pastel Grass

Pastel Floral Tools

Pink ice cream truck (Pig cart re-textured)

Xiaoyang's recolored bus

Small animal Scarecrow

XNB-Jecky's Rabbit Scarecrow

Cute action sprinkler

Cute Crab Pots

CP Rabbit's Foot to Easter Egg

Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunny Lucky Foot

Solip's coop animals

Peachy Objects

Overgrown Skeletons and Pink Monsters

SSUL's Monster Set

Cuter Mines

Animated Festive Tappers

Shardust's Colorful Craftables for Alternative Textures


Blue Grass Recolor

Pastel Valley - A Map Recolor

(cp) fish's Pastel town

Shardust's Pastel Interiors - kitchen - crib - cellar - shed - cabin

Magica Trees for Content Patcher

Spring's Trees

New trees and new map coloring


Nyapu's Portraits inspired by Dong

1oxnes and talkohlooeys' Seasonal Portraits


CP - Cute Bunny Cursors

Light Blue Interface

Vintage Interface v1

Overgrown Flowery Interface